Why Use Interactive Virtual Tours

An interactive virtual tour is a modern marketing tool providing an innovative and effective way to present and promote interiors, exteriors, 3D models or real products. Virtually anything you want to show the world can be virtualized.
Thanks to ViewPoint360° Studio, your virtual tours will interact with the audience either with the help of a marker (used to control the movement between individual views), POIs (points of interest, e.g. product details), online meetings directly in the tour using Live Session & Meeting or directly selling thanks to the integrated Snipcart shopping cart.

  • Attractiveness

Virtual tours are a tool of modern marketing communication and for many clients way of presentation is very attractive. Video tours are a type of effective promotion that will definitely impress your clients.

  • The competition

You can present tours on various platforms such as your website, Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more. It is a unique and effective way to strengthen your marketing strategy and gain a competitive advantage.

  • Online communication
Online communication

An interactive presentation will allow you to introduce your visitors to an existing or future space through an online meeting directly in a virtual tour, or you can prepare a commented tour or video that will be available 24/7.

  • VR Tour hosting
VR Tour hosting

The ViewPoint360° Studio is an application that allows you to create and host interactive virtual tours, manage them and share them using an intuitive interface. In addition, it supports online communication and integration to the eShop and payment gateway.

The Virtual Tour is suitable for everyone!

You can capture and virtualize anything - campuses, apartments, houses, monuments, galleries, entire cities or just parts, wellness, fitness, showrooms, surgeries and entire hospitals, schools, educational trails, galleries, museums, etc. - because the limits of virtualization are unlimited!
A virtual tour can train employees for you, introduce students to the future school or teach them, sell goods, real estate, present building designs or 3D model options.
That's why a virtual tour saves you time and money, and it can also be available 24 hours / 365 days a year.
Virtual tours can be used across a variety of business:

MB Rent Cars s.r.o.
MS accessories s.r.o.
StoneTAX s.r.o.
Půjčovna PRO Sport.cz
MS clever s.r.o.
Bread Market
Sport Design Store Břežany
WakeIT s.r.o.
Fusion Yoga

We will provide creation
interactive virtual tours

  • We will come up with a tour scenario
  • We take pictures
  • We retouch what is needed
  • We'll put together a tour
  • We will send it for review / approval, if necessary, we will make proofreading
...and all this based on consultations with you!

We will arrange,
publishing and hosting tours

  • We will exhibit in the cloud viewpoint360.eu and in the app ViewPoint360° Studio - for free!
  • If you are interested, we will display it on your website
  • and/or Google StreetView
  • and/or LinkedIn
  • and/or Twitter
  • and/or Facebook
  • and/or YouTube…
...or as agreed with you!

We will lend you
spherical equipment

  • If you are interested and want to learn something new or if you have experience with creating spherical photos, we are ready to lend you equipment and train you.
  • We can also train you in creating tours in the ViewPoint360° application; then the creation is up to you, but don't worry, we are available and you can consult us about anything!
  • We will set up an account for you in the ViewPoint360° application and configure it according to your needs and expectations.

What does ViewPoint360° Virtual Tours offer you?

ViewPoint360° Virtual Tour Studio brings interactive elements to an ordinary virtual tour for communication with visitors and allows them to comfortably navigate your virtual tour.

  • Interaktivní communication

    You can communicate with visitors of virtual tours not only using interactive elements and forms, ViewPoint360° also offers Live Session & Meeting options for direct communication, as well as the option of using WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

  • e-Shop

    Every tour can be an e-Shop! You fill it with products and you can use the integrated interface of the Snipcart shopping cart, including the payment gateway, or direct visitors to your online e-Shop.

  • Presentation

    For tours, you can also use automatic presentations that guide visitors through the entire tour, its preferred part, or just lead them to the main viewpoint and leave the rest of the tour to the visitor's decision.

  • VR & AR

    ViewPoint360 Studio supports Augmented Reality (AR) on a smart devices and Virtual Reality (AR) on Google Cardboard, Oculus Quest and others.

  • 3D model and floor plan

    You can create a 3D model or floor plan for each photographed object - for better orientation of visitors in the virtual space.

  • 360° video tours

    When you have compiled a virtual tour, annotated and with sound, the ViewPoint360° studio will allow you to generate a 360° video tour, which you can then download and to expose on YouTube, Facebook or on your website.

  • New business opportunities

    The business world revolves primarily around collecting potential opportunities, and this is what lead collection forms and contact forms will allow you to do with virtual tours. You can create, for example, a survey form. Forms support data exports.

  • Attendance statistics

    In the ViewPoint360° Studio, tour attendance statistics are available and, of course, there is also a connection to your Google Analytics data streams. At the same place, you also have an overview in real time of how many visitors are on the tour, where they are moving and how much time they spent there.

  • Fully compatible and responsive

    The ViewPoint360° Studio is compatible with all platforms, optimized for social and mobile networks. Responsive design ensures proper display on all widely used devices such as desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.

  • Intuitive UI

    The user friendly interface meets the requirements of modern UX and the ViewPoint360° Studio allows you to arrange the control elements as you wish to have them set up and ready for your visitors.

  • Media libraires

    You can enrich each virtual tour with a musical background, audio commentary of each view, additional photos, icons and other graphic elements. You have audio-visual elements stored in your private library, or you can also use the public media library.

  • Maps and Globe

    The geolocation of your virtual tours is not neglected either. You can place each captured view on the interactive maps, the placement will take place either automatically based on the data from the image, or manually. A bonus is the globe - in case you're creating tours around the world.

  • Access under control

    You only share what you want, how long you want and to whom you want! For this purpose, the ViewPoint360° Studio offers several functions: Activation/deactivation of the tour, password protection and date-limited validity period. In addition, you can protect individual views with a separate password.

  • Helpdesk

    The Online Helpdesk and Knowledge Base are available to everyone and offer both help and the opportunity to enter your question here.

  • Import / Export

    Last but not least, the ViewPoitn360° Studio supports imports and exports of your virtual tours, including detailed information and visuals. You can backup your tours on the medium and location of your choice.

  • Offline / online

    The great advantage of the ViewPoint360° Studio is that it is not only an online tool! You can download and present your tours on any computer without an internet connection.

So how to start?

Tell us your basic idea, leave us a contact, we will definitely get back to you and agree on the details.
You can contact us through the contact form or by submitting a question to our Helpdesk.

  • Contact Us
Contact Us
  • We Will Agreed On The Details
We Will Agreed On The Details
  • We do it
We do it

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